Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week of 2-28 to 3-4 (Second Post)

Hello Fellow Interns,

Well another week has passed, and a new week begins :). Last week was interesting as usual. During most of the week I helped my PA with reviewing some of the cases he has at the moment and second checking his work. It seems as though he has to put in a lot of hours into this job, because an assignment he gave me took almost three intern days ! Yet, it was fun. Each and every task that has been given to me has been completed to 100% precision.

I hope the coming weeks are just as fun as last week :). This week i am supposed to go to a few trials at the courthouse. I think its going to be a murder trial or something of those sorts 0_o. I feel like iam running out of words for my blog, so I wonder if i should start doing videos instead ? Well, anyways I hope everyone has a good week at their jobs. Peace.

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