Thursday, February 24, 2011

Week of 2-21 to 2-25 (First Post)

Hello fellow interns !

Currently this is my 5th (maybe 6th) week working at my internship. I intern at the Page Scranton Sprouse Tucker law firm in downtown Columbus. Working here so far, has been one of the greatest experiences I believe a young aspiring law student would have. Everyone in the building are very nice and courteous towards me and towards each other, and they are usually always busy with work. From the first day of my internship there was a vibe that I got from the environment that this internship program was indeed a right decision by Mrs. Napier.

 My daily routine is ALWAYS different. Some days consist of me printing out and copying papers, and on others I am assisting with actual casework or going to the courthouse. One of the coolest things in the building are the two law libraries (State and Federal). These law libraries consist of every single law written for the Federal Government and the State Government.

There is so much more information to tell about but I am limited by how much  that can be disclosed (Classified). I will still try to keep the blogs fun though in the coming weeks  (Lets try video blogs ?).

Well, Thanks for taking the time to read :),

Have a great day !

Dannie E. Bolden II
Law Intern