Sunday, April 17, 2011

4-11 to 4-15 (Seventh Post)

Just three more weeks left......

Well this week was a little more entertaining. I went to the courthouse to see a domestic dispute between a former married couple and there were a lot of accusations made towards each other. Aside from going to the courthouse i was once again busy organizing and copying files. This week once again reminded me about how tedious the work is in a law office.  It was still fun nonetheless.

This week I believe I will be able to view another case. If not, then the library will do. It seems like this internship has went by so fast. I have learned so much from this internship that I believe I will apply very near into my future. There is only 3 more weeks left, so I feel to need to learn as much as I can before its complete. Hopefully I will be able to maybe come back someday to intern while in college.

That is basically it for this blog :)

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